Well this time I done some thinking

I have a terrible tendency to put off getting pedicures, and especially manicures, under the guise of “saving money”. Despite the fact I invest fair amounts in my skin and hair, and let’s not talk about how much I spend on wine. I tell myself over and over again I just need to carve out time on Sunday evenings to take a nice bath and do it myself.

Spoiler alert: I never do.

I started over-analyzing this habit a few days ago and realized getting a mani/pedi is pretty much THE easiest way to instantly feel better about myself.

Having followed her on social media for years now, I finally started reading Natalie MacNeil’s “She Takes on the World” earlier this week. Only 25% in, it’s inspiring on many fronts, but it’s re-emphasized something we all know to be true: you’re never gonna be what you want to be until you believe you can.

You’re probably thinking what TF does this have to do with nail polish, Nikki? I promise this isn’t as big of a stretch as you think it is. So stick with me.

Quite often, I feel like a complete disaster. And when one, often inconsequential thing makes me feel like a disaster, I start to spiral. I can go from “my nails are a mess” to “I’m gonna die alone” faster than I can apply lip gloss.

So I finally realized this week that if paying for a mani/pedi every few weeks is one less reason to feel like shit about myself, I PROBABLY should do it.

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