Hi. My name is Nikki. And I am a self-critical-aholic.

Women have an absurd amount of expectations for ourselves, am I right? I know these establishments are being challenged as we speak, but for the most part, my generation still grew up the same. As little girls, we dreamed of the big career, the big wedding, the big house, the 2.5 kids. We still wanted and truly believed we could and should have it all.

That is not how it turned out for me. And I don’t always know how to deal with it. How horrible dating can be. Being single at my age. The mixed emotions of childlessness. Never getting to “goal weight.” Not having as much money as I should (there’s that word again). Still not seeing VP on my business card. You get it.

Traditionally speaking, I’ve turned to too much wine and a bottomless spin cycle of self-doubt as coping mechanisms. But now I am learning that this is okay. Everything is okay.

And in fact, it’s often more than okay. And I am not alone, which is why I am here.